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    Placing a property in the holiday rental market can be a good opportunity to maintain it over time while preserving its market value. To achieve results, however, you should rely on an expert who knows the holiday rentals industry very well, has the right contacts, can help you in making only useful improvements, knows how to advertise your property at its best, is able to invest in targeted marketing campaigns and to offer a multi-language customer care.

    Don't you have time at all for managing your holiday rental or don't you have your own staff on the spot? We may offer you a formula that includes our management services. We think of everything, so you don’t have to.

    We are at your disposal for a free and non-binding consulting and if you will decide to rely on us we offer you:

    1. Clear and written agreements
    2. The best booking channels worldwide
    3. Tailor made solutions
    4. Good profitability
    5. Selected customers

    Please consider that we do not accept all the properties that may be offered to us. On this matter we provide you with a list of the main features and amenities that the properties we are looking for must have:

    1. Certified wiring
    2. Certified plumbing
    3. Sanitary ware, fixtures and appliances recent or in excellent condition
    4. Well kept furnishings
    5. Mattresses in good condition
    6. Equipped with a water tank
    7. Washing machine, diswasher, WiFi, air conditioning make a difference
    8. For quality villas the pool is recommended if far from the sea

    Please feel free to contact us anytime by sending an email to or fill the contact form.

    All of us at Domus&Tour wish you to rent successfully your property!